Thursday, December 8, 2016

Back to blogging!

 After taking some time away from the blog and trying a couple different venues to show my art. I have decided to get back to the blog.
 My main hobby for over 10 years was making teddy bears. I truly loved making them and enjoyed so much the responses I would receive from my collectors. But it seemed that the market was saturated with bear artists. They seemed to evolve away from what my style was. The website where I sold many of them grew so much that the competition was overwhelming. Many artists from other countries. Albeit that the bears were to die for. I felt like my bears were being pushed aside for the "next generation." I have tried to sneak in a bear from time to time but my collectors have moved on or the prices are not what I use to get for them. But that's cool, I understand life is about change.  I do see some of my old teddy bear friends from back then that are still making and selling them. I guess maybe I just gave up to easy... Who knows. The change then moved me on to trying different crafts.
 I love to crochet. But since I had the accident with my arm, I find it that when I do something repetitive I have to do it in shifts. Give my arm a break for it tends to ache and become numb and tingly. I have so much yarn in my shop! I have boxes and dresser drawers overflowing. It's like opening the can with the snake when you open a drawer. Yarn pops up in your face ;)  I do have some items that I have crocheted that I plan on making available on this blog if anyone is interested.
 Wire wrapped jewelry-another passion. The competiton is pretty fierce there too.
 Then I discovered making pictures with torn scrapbook paper then painting it. I totally enjoyed doing this too. My daughter keeps telling me that I should make them again. I have some that I made that I can add to this blog too.
 So as of late I have discovered pyrography-wood burning. I am still in the learning stages of this newest adventure but I find it most enjoyable.
 Maybe some day I will get back into making the teddies. Who knows maybe sooner than later. I just know that there are many other crafts out there waiting for me to discover them. Hopefully I will find "the one" that  will stick with for a while.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Available! Maddy

Maddy is small in stature but big in personality.
She was made with lovely mohair.
She is a new design for me.
Standing at 8.5 inches tall.
With black glass eyes and added hand painted accents.
Her paw pads are wool felt.
Maddy is filled with poly fiber and glass
and plastic beads in her tummy for added weight.