Thursday, June 16, 2011

When to change.........

Sometimes I think about changing my direction of teddy bear making. Not to remove myself from it, but maybe a change of designs and approachability.
 Since my accident, I was not able to keep up with the ongoing struggle to have a teddy available on a regular basis. When you can not keep up, your collectors just move on or loose interest.  My bears involve much attention to detail. I don't know if I have slipped away from this because of the pain and difficulty that I experience while I am making my bear. I do know that I give it my best effort that I have to make my teddies. And now, when I do have a bear available, it just dose not move like they use to. Or it does not move at all. Who knows, maybe it has a lot to do with the state of the economy right now. But I do know that I see some other artists that are still making sales. Mostly because I believe that they have kept on producing their work and doing all that needs to be done to have a successful business.
With that said, today I have been drawing up a new style/design for a teddy bear. It falls along the line of the plush meets doll design. I plan on adding as much detail as I possibly can muster up! Without the struggle and pain I previously would receive.
 I'll try and report back as often as possible on my new way of tackling this situation.
I am looking forward to using my ideas and creating adorable stuffed  fuzzy, furry, gifts for you and your friends <3

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Anonymous said...

Whether you make 1 a year or 100, please don't stop making your teddy bears. You see them all the time but "we" don't and they are refreshing! When I stumbled upon your bears I was so excited as you have a style that I adore. I found you while browsing artist bears on Etsy and I was knocked out by the one's you had for sale, which I ended up buying one that night, and viewing your portfolio link on your website page was great as you are a fantastic bear artist. Keep 'em comin! I know I'll adopt another and maybe another after that and so on. Thanks, G (adopted OOAK Laura)