Friday, April 23, 2010

Miranda completed!

I completed my faux leather teddy, Miranda. 
She has been adopted by a sweet gal from Portugal.
What a blast she was to create ;-)


Bramblewood Bears said...

Wow..this bear is truly breathtaking! Possibly one of my favorites I have ever seen....the colors you chose are brilliant....turquoise is one of my most treasured colors and set upon a dark brown....amazingly executed! Lucky collector!!
Bear Hugs and Blessings,
Bramblewood Bears

Roxanne said...

Thank you so much Tomi. You have made my day!!!
Hugs back at cha'

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Took my mummy's breath away. Did you paint the flowers on?

Cuddles from April @ April Moon Bears

Roxanne said...

Hi Miss April, Thank you! Yes, I made me a "stamp" from polymer and stamped away!

Anonymous said...

This is amazing and I want one!G