Tuesday, July 7, 2009

my accident

sorry for the sloppy penmanship with this letter for i am typing with one hand.
this last sunday night my husband and i were on our property in fredericksburg tx where we plan to build our dream home, cutting a dead tree that fell on the fench. being the tomboy i am i came up behind james without his knowing to stand on the log he was cutting with the chainsaw. i slipped off the log and fell onto the chainsaw while it was still running. cutting into my arm right above the elbow. grabbed my arm knowing it was bad, holding it as tight as possible, james took off his shirt and tied it tightly around my upper arm. threw me in the truck and flew down the highway at 120 mph at times to the hospital 10 miles away. i guess i was in shock, i really did not have much pain. they imidiatly gave me a tetnis booster and started me on i-v's of demoral, and a antibiotic. i felt so bad for my husband. he was soooo upset. after the evluation and cleaning the wound, it took the dr 1 1/2 hours just to sew it up. the wound, i never really did see, just when we were in the truck i could see where i was holding it was not covered. it was awful.... blahh
it is 5 inches long and around 1 inch deep, with 25 stitches on the top layer. i was thankful that the muscle was not cut. but i have some numbness on my forearm. will be seeing my local dr today or tomorrow. i appologize if this was graphic, but that is what happened. please pray for my healing. so i can go back to my working, on my teddy bears.

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Anonymous said...

OMG Roxanne!!! Horrible, I feel so bad for you! You were so excited about your vacation, and then had an accident! Thank God you were close enough to a hospital!!!
Our Prayers and thoughts are with you!
Love you!