Friday, December 19, 2008

Wax Scented Dipped Bear

Well, I have been pondering the idea of making a wax scented dipped bear. I know to some people it sounds like a cruel and unusual punishment. But to me, for a person who enjoys every aspect of arts & crafts. Thinks that it might not be such a bad idea. I have researched the process and believe that if I do it correctly. It could be something interesting. I would make it from a bear that I made of my own design. And of course I would use a synthetic fur. In this day and time with the economy as it is, we have to do what we think will be welcome to several different formats as in collectors. And a product that I will enjoy producing that will be affordable and collectible.
What do you think? Please leave me a comment on your opinion!
I will be posting a pic real soon.

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Chrissi said...

I think I have all the supplies you need right here behind me (minus the scent)! I thought about giving this a whirl before I started making mohair bears, so for 6 years now this block of specialty wax and the bear I got to go with have been sitting in the studio with me :) I personally always thought it was a cute idea that loads of folks seem to like.

I think I can get the perfeclty sealed block of wax and the bear into a flat rate's yours if you'd like to cover the shipping!! (lol)